Flash fiction up on Literary Orphans

My piece ‘Coral-red‘ is live. It’s the story of Miriam, elegant, monstrous shut-in in a blog-friendly mansion.


I am in love with the layout on Literary Orphans, and I’ll be checking out other things there over the next few days.


I’ve been away from here for a long time, busy working on a flash fiction collection called Monstirs, of which ‘Coral-red’ is one part, and Miriam herself a character with multiple appearances. Research on monstrousness has included a lot of watching of macabre shows and films, as well as looking at art and reading lots of flash (and pining after more flash collections – some day, when I have the cash to spend). I’ve amassed 29 stories, and hope to get a few more under my belt before culling some, carefully editing the rest, and sending the collection out to small beloved presses.


Topics touched on by the collection include: phobia, rejection and complication of archetypes, identity, sandwich-based body-horror, glittery transformation, religion, non-insane automatism, prank cannibalism, girlhood, ecological disasters, and the construction and deconstruction of the physical self. I’m having fun with this. Stories that will be included in the collection have appeared in Smokelong, Sundog Lit and The Toast. I hope more will be published when they are ready.



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6 responses to “Flash fiction up on Literary Orphans

  1. Really wonderful, Helen and I hope to see your collection in the future. It sounds like an excellent idea. I particularly loved the line: “Right now, though, the house is haunted.” That ‘though’ was perfect.

    Also, thanks for introducing this site. I hadn’t heard of Literary Orphans before.

  2. Breathtaking and eerie. I liked the way you slipped those lines in: “drowning that little boy, deep-cutting the other ….” I hope you will post more of your flash fiction.

  3. Oh, that went somewhere I didn’t expect! That was beautiful.

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