Stoker review up on The Female Gaze

I wrote about this intensely disturbing but beautiful film, directed by Chan-wook Park for The Female Gaze:


But what is the significance of India’s hunger? Her descent into the underbelly of the house (her flicking of the lightshade, deliberately throwing the shadows down a long, webbed corridor) to get the ice cream she is ordered to bring back upstairs? Be patient, for this is a film that takes its time to roll out the full weight, and in the meanwhile we get all these gorgeous moments, darkness, gossamer and sunlight. All these slow moments are not for nothing – they allow time for revelation. For Uncle Charlie singling out his prey, testing her limits. But also for the viewer, and India herself to find out exactly what sort of a girl she is.





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2 responses to “Stoker review up on The Female Gaze

  1. I’ve been meaning to watch this film for ages. I think your review will help with my motivation. Alas, I haven’t really watched a movie in a while.

  2. You must watch Stoker, if for nothing else the beauty of it.

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