Flash up on The Toast

I’m happy to say that my short-short piece, ‘Pretty Dead Girl Takes a Break’ is up on The Toast now.


She peels back the plastic and gets out of the water, a little clumsy with her limbs not moving right and her blue-black blood slow shot through them. She hasn’t even opened her eyes yet, they’ve been closed that long she has to pry them with thick fingers, prop them open a while, practice her blinks.


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I may or may not have had lots of True Detective/Twin Peaks/Macabre dead-girls-as-props-for-man-pain thoughts of late. How about you?



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3 responses to “Flash up on The Toast

  1. ‘Flash up on The Toast’; sounds like an electrifying breakfast. And it was! Fantastic, Helen.

    On a side note, I’m happy to know one can appreciate coffee in the afterlife…

    • Thanks Karen. Now I want coffee too…
      I reckon the least fictionally-dead folk can get is a cup of something when they’re on their break.

  2. Great, piece (especially the line: “Her death is always about things other than her death.”).

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