Interview on SparkLife

I’ve been interviewed for the ‘Career Wha?’ column on the Spark Notes community website, SparkLife! Here’s a bit:


What were the steps to getting to where you are today, and is there only one way in? How long did it take?

I think there is only one way to write and that’s to read your heart out, and write even when it’s terrible, and listen to the world shifting and being ugly and hard sometimes. They way you go about being a writer differs from person to person. You can keep yourself tender and raw, however difficult that might be, or you can be stern and have a vision and just crack that out, or be a storyteller and weave a star-blanket, or shape only one tiny thing, and give that tiny thing, as frugal as that might seem.

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The comments from readers are wonderful, heartwarming too. and really made my day.


In other news, a flash fiction of mine, ‘Pretty Dead Girl Takes a Break’, which was inspired by True Detective and Twin Peaks (the 25 anniversary is this year) is going to be published online. More details when it goes up.



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2 responses to “Interview on SparkLife

  1. “If you’re a writer, you usually can’t not be one.” – So true!

    I remember my one and only meeting with a careers adviser in school. I told him I wanted to be a writer and his response was, well you’ll need a proper job as well in order to earn a living. True, but not exactly inspiring!

  2. Great interview!–can’t wait for the short fiction, too.

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