Amsterdam on film

Here are the shots I took while D and I were in Amsterdam – two stopovers, first on the day we went out, and the second, on his birthday on the way back. These were taken on my Centon K100 on some 400 Fujifilm. Amsterdam is a ridiculously photogenic city, and one I feel very at ease in. I’d very much like to spend more time there.


001 (2)



001 (3)



004 (2)



002 (3)



006 (2)



007 (2)



003 (2)



004 (3)



Bulbs, bookshops, squats, and crooked buildings. Sunshine too, for D’s birthday.


I’m still a bit ill today, so not much analysis from me. I’m off to eat a sweet potato and start Robert Alan Jamieson’s Da Happie Laand, which my local library kindly handed over in exchange for some long-overdue fines (some of which were forgiven too). Be kind to your libraries, friends. They give you free books, even if you’re a numpty sometimes.



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6 responses to “Amsterdam on film

  1. Great pictures, Helen. The bulbs make me think wistfully of spring — which, judging by our six foot piles of snow, will be a long time coming. Sigh..

  2. I really love the one of the graffiti. I know it’s odd to say, but I really enjoy photographs of graffiti; I can’t express why.

    Feel better soon.

  3. What amazing colors your pictures have! Is it due to the film you used?

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