On film

golden blur cropped


I’ve just scanned the pictures taken on my Centon k100 camera, given to me as a teenager by my parents. This is a test lot, taken between Edinburgh and Glasgow, to see if the camera is still functioning before we go off with it to Rome at the end of this month. Despite the weirdness and obvious faults of the picture above I sort of like it the best out of all of the images. I like it when things are unpredictable, and the golden glow spread over everything is quite lovely. It’s one of the reasons I like Polaroids too.


pale blur


Yet another blurry one, and I could pretend this was a deliberate choice, not experiments by an amateur, but what would be the point in that. I like the cluster of houses at the bottom right. Linlithgow, or Falkirk, perhaps.


union canal


The Union Canal, in the soft light of three o’ clock.


Renfield Lane


A bit of urban dinginess – Renfield Lane, Glasgow. Glasgow has so many of these aesthetically pleasing, slightly scary alleyways. I think this one would be much better in black and white, and with a bit more careful framing – I was trying to balance an umbrella over my head to keep the rain off, and I was running a bit late for a bookswap lunch with the delightful K, over in Stereo (invisible just further up on the right). Stereo is highly recommended if like me you have to eat gluten free and have some other food intolerances thrown in for fun. The staff were great – and the food was too.




A doorway on a mews street in Edinburgh (one of the old horse stable streets you find back behind main housing streets of any area Victorian or older). The colours make me think of warmer climes.


scrap dealership


Last one – a definite twin with the doorway above. It’s so bright and cheery. These are doors to a scrap metal dealership that’s thirty seconds from my house.


So these are the pictures I’m most happy with. Forgive the mishmash and the slightly wonky scans. Or pretend that they add to the ‘realness’ and ‘objectness’ of the images. Where from here? Well, hopefully, some warm, skewed, hazy images of Rome. It’s nice to have a reason to go out and about and try to look and find balance in a scene or a moment (moments are harder. Slow reactions, fumbling with the buttons). Will any of this translate over in some way to my writing? Who knows.  That continues at its own pace. Marathon running, with small gains and sudden losses, backtracks, deletions, spurts that may or may not lead anywhere good. So at least photography provides a venue for play, free from the pressures I put on myself. And that might just be enough.



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5 responses to “On film

  1. I like these photos – the softness and blurriness appeal to me. The view of Union Canal is moody and mysterious – the buildings on either side appear almost like mirages. I think there are many stories in these images awaiting telling.

  2. plethiproject

    love the blue saw-tooth gates pic. It’s both abstract (in a sort of layered geometric Mondrian way) and realistic at the same time.

    be gentle with yourself! play more; it promotes creativity by making the serendipitous apparent.

  3. They’re evocative.

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