Last Supernatural recap on The Female Gaze

It had to happen sometime. The essay begins:


It’s the end of the run here—the final recap of Supernatural. I’ve been off lost in the Canadian Rockies – even staying at one point in a cabin in the woods in British Columbia without road access, electricity or running water, which probably was the premise of a Supernatural opening scene at least once. But I’m back, and I’m here to talk to you about love. Filial love, fiery angelic god-granted love, fated love, unspoken like-a-brother-to-me love, blind date desperate-for-connection love, strapped-to-a-chair-wailing-you-deserve-to-be-loved love. And to recap the last episode in series eight, ‘Sacrifice.’




And finally, the masterpost links –  Time on your hands? Whisky, bad weather, a keening for Americana? You can find all of my other essays over-reading my favourite spooky, angst-ridden TV show, one episode per season, here:


Season one

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Season eight


Lookout for my next essay with The Female Gaze when it comes. I’ll be doing a book review. After that, who knows? Probably turn my focus to something uncanny and haunting. Yes, you can be sure that will feature at some point in the near future.


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