Lake Minnewanka + plans





The mist holds its hand over the foreheads of the mountains. The reservoir sits full to the brim, not lapping. It has a deep blue colour apparently when the light is up. But you can see it a little here, a tinge in the greys.









A passing snow-plough followed by another vehicle throw snow-dust in their wakes. Today, it was just a quick walk around the dam road, and then back. Because tomorrow there is a longer trip. I and the three other Creative Futures artists are going by car up to Jasper, which will take us through the Icefields parkway – and with two serious photographers and this eager amateur, I think the drive up will be a slow taking in of the canyons, lakes and glaciers there.


So I’ll be quiet here for a few days, hopefully to be back with shots of the wilds there. I’m taking my Polaroid too, but posting those will have to wait until I can get my hands on a scanner. Perhaps a good thing, seeing as how I flood this place with my pictures regardless. One last one, and wish us luck!




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  1. Beautiful moodiness. I’m loving following your adventures here, Helen.

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