Back to the sulphur marsh




I went out a walk with K, the visual artist on the Creative Futures residency. We were heading back to the old hot springs to explore the marsh the warm waters feed. The path at first seemed stark – this is looking back towards the sun. It came up in an arc behind the mountains, and is now, at 1:30 going back down again, so it’s good to do these rambles while we still have light at all.




At the shores of the Bow river, we could see where the ice had not yet taken hold. That marvellous shade of green is even more vivid in real life. I think you could take a dozen photos of that river and find a different shade in each, even on a grey day in the wintertime, when the pallet is distinctly scrubbed by the white mist coming through the hills.





You follow your nose to the springs that cut through the snow, steaming sulphur into the air. Down they flow to this open marsh, which has a handy boardwalk around it. The water in the springs is not that hot – as warm as the hot tap when you’ve just turned it on. At least with the old pipes at home. Down in the marsh are little fish – I spotted mollies, and a mosquito-eating type that had been introduced from further south. There’s a rare minnow only found in this particular marsh, but I don’t think we saw any of those




I’ll leave you with one last picture. More trips are in the works, but until I know more, I shan’t blurt anything out. Who knows what the weather will allow. But at least in this one corner of Banff, the cold doesn’t matter overmuch.





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