The first writing day

…began with an early morning hike. Guided, in case you were worried. I know there are mountain lions around, though apparently no bears as they were all asleep. This hike however came with free coffee, and a headlamp to wear for the duration, and a lot of other people, most of whom were faster than me. It was completely dark for the first half of the ascent up Tunnel Mountain (or Sleeping Buffalo, as the First Nations people in this area named it). So no pictures til the top. And then, the visibility was low because the snow came in, light and dry but relentless, and relentlessly stealing the view.





Or granting it a different quality perhaps. The first snow I’ve seen in a long while, and bluish over the grey-green pines. I drafted a first psychogeographic flash fiction about the hike this afternoon in my cabin, which lost heating and electricity – thankfully, everyone was incredibly helpful and the problem was sorted while I tapped away in the brief chill. I managed to read over novel number three while I was there too – what I have of it – and to add a little more to the total.


I don’t know what will come of the work, though I have all the characters in place and I am at the stage where the going is as easy as falling snow. I don’t know either what will happen with Kilea or Flesh of the Peach, and I am still waiting to hear on both. But for now I am happy and diligent and without that devil, hope, surrounded instead by the woods and the yawning, hidden mountains. The solitude here is marvellous, but also the sense that you can just talk to almost anyone at any time, or walk down into the town for necessary frivolities.  I do miss D and my family. But this time is not going to waste. More photos, more stories to scatter here tomorrow. If I don’t respond to your comments it’s because I’m off out getting lost in words and adventure. But I read everything when I can.


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  1. What great photos so far. I hope you will get much work done and some great inspiration. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures at Banff.

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