Getting I know not where



Today was the day I took on Banff, in the company of various artists from the centre. The day began once again before the light, and I somehow had the energy to get to the Banff Centre cardio room at 6am, from there to breakfast and a chat with old hands and new – and then without a pause it was off down into the town – the picture above was around 8ish).


Photo credit: Richard Tognetti

Photo credit: Richard Tognetti





After a couple of hours of browsing and taking pictures, I headed back for orientation with Stef and Karen, here with the kindness  Creative Futures as I am, then out on my own to an adventure to the Banff Springs hotel (more on that Labyrinth and my misadventures later) and back to meet my fellow Creative Futures residents for another swing round Banff.


Now I’m sitting watching what looks like snow creep down over the mountains. None has fallen yet, but I hope to start tomorrow with a guided hike in the white and spend the rest of the day actually, and finally writing my little heart out in my cabin – appropriately called ‘Valentine’.



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  1. Welcome to Canada and the Bow Valley Helen!

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