Finishing up, just getting stuck in

My guest editorship with Smokelong has come to an end, and I hope you’ll enjoy the flash fiction I chose. I’m not sure when it goes up, but I’ll signpost here as usual. It’s ‘As if a Bestiary Had Wings’ by Michael Chaney and I chose it because it’s a punch of language, a perfect jittery machine of a piece. I hope to interview the man himself shortly.


In a strange and kind moment, the newest guest editor, Michael Landweber, has chosen my flash ‘Tennessee Stop’, which appeared in 3AM Magazine, to link to, along with a few others which are really worth a read. Click through the Smokelong link above to check it all out. Coffee first. Or tea. Maybe in America you’re drinking hot cider already? That would be perfect, if it’s cold enough. Blistering hot with cinnamon like you think of when you think of cinnamon, a chewy-bark-bite of spice.


Meanwhile Banff prep goes well, barring a hiccup over the cost of Impossible Project film (I shall settle for the 8 shots I still have and use my wee point and click as needed). My father very kindly bought me a copy of Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood from Blackwell’s bookshop. I don’t know much about it, other than Atwood is Canadian, and I felt the need to have a Canadian writer tide me over the sea – though she’d probably rather I took a less carbon-bloated boat ride and then a train to the Rockies. I don’t think the Banff Centre would have covered that, sadly. I have a list as long as my arm of books I should read and books I need to (inc. short stories by Joanna Walsh and the end of the icy, humane Fram, by Steve Himmer) These I shall attempt when free time and wifi access allow.


More than this, work and more work. Teaching and this semi-secret proposal project (that I tried to start today, that time stole away from me). One last thing – if you’re in the UK or have access, this documentary on the science of decay is utterly wonderful and disgusting, repulsive and slithery with fact. Unlike with the stories above, I recommend you have a watch any time outside of dining hours.


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3 responses to “Finishing up, just getting stuck in

  1. You’re gonna love the Atwood, I’m fairly certain.
    I’m not drinking cider yet, just plain old apple juice.
    Waah. Documentary on decay avail. in UK only. Boooo, me.
    Hearty congrats on your flash. Off to see it now! xo

  2. Margaret Atwood is great. Enjoy!
    p.s. I think you would like her first novel a lot. It’s called The Edible Woman.

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