Supernatural Season 7 + Smokelong linkage

Things to read:


My latest essay (2nd to last) on Supernatural is up. In this one I celebrate weird side characters and sibling rivalries. Read it here over coffee and affirmations.


Next, a bit of info on me is up on Smokelong Quarterly, including what I’m looking for in terms of flash fiction (though I clarified here a bit more). Submit you anonymous work by clicking through to the submit page.


Preparations for the Banff mountain artists residency are continuing well – I now have a long synthetic down coat, snow boots, a gilet (hmm, but it’s for the warmth!And was only £20) and a fake fur lined hoodie. I’m waiting until pay day to buy some Impossible Project film, as it remains impossibly expensive – nevertheless, it would be wonderful to get snaps of the mountains on black+white instant film with all the quality of that medium’s grainy warble and mysteriousness.


Last of all, a new project has come up, which I’m not able to say much about. Just that I will hopefully be working right up until Banff on a documentary film proposal – but I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, so that’s all you’ll hear about it for now.


October rushes by in a storm of its own making.


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