One good bye and one HOOORAY

My very last post is up on Necessary Fiction.


Go over there and click on all the writers (for info on Chris Rice, you need only her wonderful piece, here)


So it is goodbye, and I’ve had an incredible time. I hope some of you have enjoyed reading my posts – if you haven’t got round to it, they are all archived here. Take your time.


I also have two announcements, one sad, one happy:


Sad, first: my agent Drea and I have parted ways. I was very sad to let her go, but circumstances are tough right now and I think it was the best decision, for her and for me. I look forward to reading work by her authors in the future.


It’s never nice to share bad news , so I put off talking about it for some time. But now I have a piece of good news to share, which balances things out:


I have just learned that I’ve been accepted for the Banff Mountain Residency this winter! Four Scottish artists are heading out to Alberta! In a month! And I am one of them!


OK, breathe. I have a wonderful multi-step project lined up for the residency, alongside goals for novel number three, which I have been to frantically busy to work on for close to two months. I am so grateful to the Banff Centre for choosing me, and – that’s it for the moment. Watch this space!



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10 responses to “One good bye and one HOOORAY

  1. patricia

    Congratulations on Banff!! Best Wishes!

  2. How exciting! How long is the residency?

  3. Oh Helen, I’m so excited for you. Sincere congratulations! Bring some warm clothes!
    I have some catching up to do on your writing and I’m looking forward to doing that tonight. : )

  4. Congratulations and well done. Sounds like a great opportunity.

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