‘The rooms above’, Kilea excerpted on Necessary Fiction

My intro:


A second excerpt from my ms Kilea today. In this part of the novel, Kilea is ten or so. She is being looked after in the home of her housekeeper, and having behaved well is rewarded with a visit to a previously unseen part of the house, the unused attic space.


The housekeeper, Mrs Sabine, is an older German woman, the widow of a local man she met in a field hospital during the Second World War. Mrs Sabine keeps a lot hidden about her life, but not everything can remain beyond the gaze of our girl Kilea Grieve. There is a sense of development here, of rooms previously not there unfolding, of space extending outwards in a way both uncanny and quotidian – a blending common to girlhood experience, where the divisions between reality and the fantastical are permeable as limestone.


And always, on the island, a soft rain is falling.


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