Excerpt from Kilea up on The Island Review

I’m very pleased to report a short extract from my novel ms Kilea, entitled ‘circlets’, is up on the wonderful The Island Review:


 On either side was only the wildness. Vast, still, in the quiet morning. She took it in, or tried to; the clouds shredding and reforming high above the bare rocks, and the shallow flushes, greener dips in the land, surrounded by rust-coloured flats of bog myrtle and spiked grass, cotton tufts and stunted willows. On the right, the landscape opened out into stretches of small silver lochans, bright wide puddles and ditches of water. An inland sea, with now and then a reedy, treacherous island no human foot could land on.


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The photograph is also one of mine – taken on the isle of Rum just after D and I got married.


I’m currently waiting for news on Kilea from a press I deeply admire – always I have hopes for this novel of landscape, girlhood, memory. And awaiting judgement too on whether I have made the cut for the Scottish artists’ residency at the Banff Centre in Canada. Hope, hope, hope/wish, wish, wish, like silent incantations written in wet shore sand. Or in this shorelike, changing space. Thank goodness I have work to be doing – ESL teaching, and very fortunately the residency at Necessary Fiction. I’m working on an overdue Bad Girl Lit essay for that, but expect to see a post of Girl Lit fiction later today – check my next post.


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