Literature of the Girl at Necessary Fiction: essay one

My first essay is up! It’s a comparison of The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu (c.1006 AD) and The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf (1915). It’s really a starter essay to get thoughts rolling (she says, hedging as ever). I hope it’s of interest and if nothing else gets you reading. The Voyage Out for example is all up on Gutenberg, if you’d like to get your teeth into Woolf’s first published work.


Here’s a taster of the essay:


The first essay on Literature of the Girl! At first sight, these two novels seem to be without a great deal of overlap, but they do have one theme in common – relationships, and specifically, the liminal time before and while a girl is betrothed. I use betrothed for its dusty, weighty quality, hinting at a greater passivity than ‘to be wed’ or the more simple ‘to be married’. Liminal bridehood, a fitting topic for me, writing on the eve of my fourth wedding anniversary, holding up two books to the light. I see not the whole texts but this one part that links them – and I will write only a little of this part glass-deep. Just imagine the whole essay comes with a giant ‘FRAGILE’ sticker affixed to it. Caveats over, to begin:


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