Necessary Fiction post: Girl Lit one

My second Writer-in-Residency post is up on Necessary Fiction. Today, it’s an excerpt from my ms, Kilea, and is meant to act as a companion piece to tomorrow’s work by Kristen Stone. I honestly can’t wait to share that – and even thought to post them both on the same day. But patience. Space is needed. A taster from today:


Complete disarray. The lesson would wait until everyone was ready. Sex education is an extremely serious matter. Laughter jittered round the room. Kilea eyed the blackboard that was still marked with notes from the last lesson. The functions of the cell. She put her elbows flat on the bench-top, tracing the distant chalk marks with one raised fingertip. Her gaze wandered over to the windows. They faced a flank of mackerel sky, and below that, the dark green periphery of the forestry land, the path to the Millpond Hill. She knew the form of the scene so well that if it were to suddenly vanish, a negative would remain in its place.


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