1. In limbo I learn a French euphemism: ‘he went out to buy saffron’ to mean abandonment


2. In limbo I read difficult books


3. In limbo I read the internet which is difficult for reasons other than syntactical complexity


4. In limbo I do not edit


5. In limbo I do write sparsely


6. In limbo I can see the people above me swimming in heaven, though perhaps it is not heaven, but it is blood bright blue nonetheless


7. In limbo I hold vigils over my email account


8. In limbo there is a palace of all possible futures overhead and I am in its shadow


9. In limbo I am a feminist, I am clumsy, I am a teacher, I am wading through the green grass after the rain has fallen and I am breathing deeply


10. In limbo I am in limbo


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