A long way away, but

– I have been asked to be a guest editor on Smokelong! That means I will have the opportunity to read flash fiction submissions for a week and pick out my favourite. I love, love flash fiction. More than stories certainly. They inhabit that perfect zone of not so long as to sadden and frustrate me when I get attached to something that will end soon, and not so short as to be just a puff of air. But more than that, they can be charged with a special kind of fictive energy, different to poetry, but just as intense and enchanting.


I’m penciled in for October, and will post details and perhaps more joyful exhalations on flash fiction nearer the time. October here is a good month. Cold, crisp, rainsoaked, windblown. Any month that isn’t like sitting in a bowl of warm rice is a good month. Where will  I be when October winds in? What sort of words will be in my hands then? I pretend to see leaves blowing down the street, and pages of my own, started  be filled.





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3 responses to “A long way away, but

  1. How exciting. Congrats! You’ve got it right about flash fiction. Those type of pieces can be tight bundles of intense language, emotion and scene. It’s been ages since I’ve written one but now you’ve gotten me in the mood.

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