In domestic hours



1. Not writing



2. Ordering work clothes: two simple dresses. It’s summer here. Muggy.



3. Planting a cactus garden. Dainty purple-tipped spikes and fat creamy yellow – blossoms? I’m not sure you can call them that. Growths sounds ugly. But they are an eyeful. A tin bucket full of living textures.



5. Waiting to write, wanting to carve out time to plan, to begin-without-beginning this brand new project.



Wanting to finish the last.



Two mindsets: the stained glass and the light passing through it vs the molten little bubble on the glass-blower’s pipe.


Trying, moreover, to give air to all. To take my time. To arrange things well. To walk outside while we have the light.





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2 responses to “In domestic hours

  1. JWA

    I wanted to write a book review like your book reviews. Unfortunately I had to spend 4 days writing 3,500 words explaining how I would review books in principle, and have failed so far to write the review. The cactuses look healthy. Athough it can be hard to tell.

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