Within new walls to begin again

sunlit window



This new flat is a wreck of unpacking, but  there are ways of disguising that in picture (this will never be an interior design blog). In corners the light washes everything clean. A South-Western facing flat that drinks in the sunset. A small place that feels airy, or will do, once it is set to rights. What it will become to D and I in time, we don’t yet know. Every flat begins again with new occupants, to a certain degree.


But for now it is a place in which to be productive. Since moving in, I have finished up my application for the University of Otago Scottish Writers fellowship and sent it off. It’s rare to find a writing opportunity that I might actually qualify for – but being of Scottish origin and having been part of the diaspora, I think I might be a good fit. But of course, I have no idea who else has applied. My chances are slim, but keep your fingers crossed.


The next and now to be all-consuming thing is that my agent and I have started a back-and-forth edit of Flesh of the Peach. Amongst the clutter, I’ve begun to work at what she has suggested. Just the first five chapters for now. But what a great feeling it is. To make better, to sand the rough edges. Hands just as steady as they can be, though everything else might be in chaos.


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2 responses to “Within new walls to begin again

  1. Patricia

    The title of your post, “Within new walls to begin again,” is beautiful and poetic. I agree that a new home is a new beginning. Not that long ago, I sadly left a place I had lived in for a very long time. Your words: “Every flat begins again with new occupants …” resonated for me. It confirmed my feeling that my old home had its own destiny to fulfill – one that did not include me anymore. It needed new occupants, new energy. I had to let it go for its best interests though I did so with reluctance and sadness.
    Your new flat appears to have lovely light. I wish you well in your new home and hope all goes well with the writing fellowship application. Kind regards.

    • I’m glad my words could be of some help. It’s always nice to hear from you. I do hope you will grow into your new place, just as D and I are hoping to do so here.

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