Supernatural, sunshine and a tweet-up


First of all – thank you to all of you for the support and congratulations you flooded me with yesterday! It was very heartening. As those of you who write will know, the end days of the (sort-of) final draft can feel like the last days of a war. I mean, from back when wars wrapped up. There are lots of limping figures inside canonballed buildings, raising pathetic white flags, while the din is still ongoing – anyway, truce has been declared.


My next essay on Supernatural is up on The Female Gaze:


Are you sitting comfortably? I have someone I’d like you to meet. His name is Castiel, and he is an angel of the lord and an all-round badass in a beige trench coat. He appears in the very first episode in season four, ‘Lazarus Rising’ in one of the best character introductions I can call to mind: the unwary get their eyes burned out, light bulbs flicker and smash, knives have no effect, nor do hurried incantations or devil’s traps – yes, Castiel is an angel and he fights hard for Heaven’s side. But I don’t want to talk about his magnificent entrance, or his various forays into action in the first half of the season. I want to talk, instead, about vulnerabilities, influence, and family. And for once, not the Winchester family in all their toils.


Read More…


Rather unexpectedly last night I went out (I had forgotten what ‘going out’ was like), to a literary ‘tweet up’. If you don’t know what that is, it is when people who are on twitter peel themselves away from social media and talk to each other in a charming setting, over wine and snacks. It was organised by the Edinburgh City of Literature, and the charming setting was Looking Glass Books, an elegant fishtank of a bookshop in the new Quartermile development of the city.


I had never been in Looking Glass Books before, as it’s slightly out of the way, but it really is a beautiful place, with a nice-looking cafe and very tempting layout. Given that I’m moving there was no chance to buy any books, though a canvas bag with a quote from Orlando really caught my eye. I resisted. I hope they hold more events there – a reading night would be amazing. Anyway, it was lovely to finally meet and chat with Subtlemelodrama, a twitter friend whose reviews I follow and who has a book coming out soonish. And more of this going out thing soon, I hope.


As for sunshine? It has been glorious here and I have been in hiding during almost all of it. So now, aspirational sunshine. A wish for walking in balmy weather. Aiming for fluffy clouded skies. And maybe an ice lolly? I’m full of ambitions, you see.



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4 responses to “Supernatural, sunshine and a tweet-up

  1. You know I started marathoning Supernatural from the beginning because of you!!

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