Chances and sweet cigarettes


Sad to report that Kilea did not make the shortlist for the Dundee International Fiction Prize. No writer’s life is without rejection. But I believe there are still chances for this novel. Somewhere an editor is right for the book, will be touched by it, and will help it out into the world.

Meanwhile I work on Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts and read and write reviews of books and of things that touch my heart too.


In some slightly happier news, Steve Himmer has very kindly sent me my candy cigarette short-short that was published by Smokelong and given out at AWP ’13. Here are the pictures:


smokelong 1 smokelong 2


I think the object itself is a thing of beauty. Thanks to Smokelong for being so inventive.



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6 responses to “Chances and sweet cigarettes

  1. Now that is a victory! Love the entire package.

  2. Running from Hell with El

    Another writer of literary fiction waving hello. Found my way here in the most circuitous of ways. Like Alice diving down the Inter-Hole. Made sure I followed your blog so I can find my way back. Best wishes.

  3. Glad you got the pack from AWP. I had a friend go over but she said they were all gone by the time she made her way there.

  4. That’s just so great, Helen! I love your quote.

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