The art of destruction

demolished IMG_0592


These photos show two sides of the same street in Glasgow. I love the chaos of greys in the top image. The city being edited, the innards of girders and wires on display. Positioned opposite Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, I’m all the more tempted to think of it as art itself. On a grand and messy and impermanent scale. Take your pick of metaphors: Metaphor for creation and recreation. Metaphor describing the limitlessness of art. Snapshot of a day now sealed off (the people hurry on in the picture below, in the top image the wires are slowly carted away. In another hour everything is diminished, differently shadowed, more empty or something has begun).


A juxtaposition is trigger for all sorts of thoughts. The child in me just wants to hop the fence and roam around in the rubble.


Where have you found art this week?


[All this inspired by Hilary Smith’s post on mushroom hunting, here]


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