First look: Everywhere is the New New York and Hallelujah Giant Space Wolf

good things


A delightful package arrived today from Colorado and Yrfriendliz – a copy of the chapbook Everywhere is the New New York (which features a piece I wrote on Edinburgh) and a surprise – Hallelujah Giant Space Wolf by Daniel Bailey.


I want to do a write up on both, though I’ll be away for a few days in London, doing touristy London things this time, rather than business (because D is coming with me, for his first stay of any real length there) and I have some deadlines looming. Books to review, a long essay to wrestle with on the theme of my first ms, my first girl – Kilea. Before then, though, I’d like to let you know that Hallelujah Giant Space Wolf is a book of poems, and, as you can tell, has an amazing title. The first poem is ‘Geronimo Boredom Prayer’ and features the ‘I’ becoming God:


‘gifting love unto the world like a premature baby

shining its way out of the womb all naked and hairless

then I became God in human flesh and walked through the woods

damaging trees with my love-making and sex appeal

eventually, I grew bored of my godliness,

so I became Nicolas Cage, which was awesome

except for the whole being a dad thing


You can own Hallelujah Giant Space Wolf and have it on your bookshelf to warm your poetry-and-excellent-book-title loving soul by going over here and buying it.


If you’d like to support the tiny publisher/editing team who put together Everywhere is the New New York, and to read 12 wonderful essays on American Cities that are not NY but their own dirty, magical thing, and one essay that’s ditto on a certain Scottish city, the chapbook is bargain at $5, and available here.


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