Joy and good cheer

To everyone who celebrates Christmas, I hope you have,  as the heading suggests, joy and good cheer (in whatever ways that manifests).


To those who don’t – hope you have a relaxing day off.


To those in the Northern Hemisphere – here’s something to help you stay toasty:


(source: fire gifs, Tumblr)


To all in the Southern hemisphere (including my friend C right now): hope you can have a barbie on the beach or cocktails on the veranda. I’m jealous and not jealous. It’s cosy up here.


Finally, here’s a melancholy Christmas song from Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter, Laurie Cameron (you can see her Tumblr here, and download some of her songs free there):



I’ll be back in a few days with a summary of my Endless Reads 2012 Project – highlighting the books that I’ve really loved over the past year, and looking forward to 2013. Till then, it’s Christmas music, walking about in the rain for the last few gifts, wrapping paper storms, carols and family and friends and goose and roasted potatoes.


Last last thing – thank you for reading, as always, friends and strangers.


(source: Snow gifs, Tumblr)



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10 responses to “Joy and good cheer

  1. And a Mery, Merry to you, Helen.

  2. Joy and good cheer to you also, Helen! : )

  3. A very happy holiday to you and yours, Helen!

  4. Happy holidays to you, Helen…it’s always a pleasure visiting….

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