A spot of warmth



D, A and I went to the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect world (which has more than butterflies and insects to see). The hothouse atmosphere of the centre was in contrast to the low, churning gloomy skies outside. A bit of greenery and life on a dreich day. I hope you enjoy the pictures – they were shot on my camera phone, since my old digital camera has gone missing somewhere in my flat (hunted everywhere to no avail). Warning: beastie heavy.




a Swallowtail, I think




Tree Nymph


All ready for Christmas

All ready for Christmas


Across the pond



Bearded lizard, Troy


Saladfingers at rest


Me too, Saladfingers (the iguana’s name is excellent). He turned a bit livelier at feeding time –


He preferred the chilis - spat the carrots out like a naughty toddler.


Unseen here are the quails of various colours who run about underfoot peeping, the lazily drifting koi and cichlids who live in the ponds, and the leafcutter ants who follow ropes strung up overhead. It’s a small place, but very delightful. D took some video of the birds, so I might post that later, if it’s turned out well.



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