Two things

As hinted at, there are two things I’d like to mention here:


1. A new literary journal, The Female Gaze Review, is launching shortly. I’m on the Masthead, which is very exciting. There are lots of other writerly women involved and I cannot wait to see what they will write about. My first review is going to be on House, AKA Hausu, a Japanese comedy horror from the seventies which I am completely obsessed with. All sorts of big neon arrows will be posted here when the FGR fires up.


2. I just finished reading Kate Zambreno’s Heroines, her hybrid memoir/essay/brilliance on modernist women writers, the mad wives and suicides and diarists, the lost and the championed and the sidelined. It’s incredible. I wrote my review of it for PANK, so I won’t expand on it too much. Just, please read it. Then we can talk.


As the people of Tumblr say, I have so many feels. Mostly, exhaustion. Reviewing can do that – intense reading, while the mind latches and scratches at and absorbs the text and then the thoughts and sentences incubate, and the clumsiness that must be overcome and the desire to just say EVERYTHING in 1,200 words. I’m just so happy to be in the position to say to an audience: This! The Literature of the Girl is going on on the internet. Cyborg girls typing, being locked up, being released. Cybrid. It’s ALIVE.


Signposts later for both things. Tea now. Head on a pillow soon.

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