Your words for a Shooting Star


Some vignettes of Edinburgh – unimportant – but setting a mood, a sense of the season. Also to sweeten a post which is just a lead up to a link. But so worth while.


Vintage Books (of the tumultuous Random House, soon to be Penguin Random or Random Penguin, I’m not sure) is offering critiques of the first thirty pages and summary of your novel, either in person (if you live in London and can make it to their charity fete at Whitton Chase Charity Shop TODAY) or by email – in return for a £10 donation, or more, to a local children’s hospice called Shooting Star CHASE.


I am not always in favour of charity. Sometimes they come with problematic baggage, sometimes the giving is a form of self-bolstering, of patronisation to developing nations, or to the working class in this country, or else, some arts charity helping the status of the super rich. pseudo de Medicis. Charities in certain areas might be a poor substitute for decent infrastructure that should otherwise be provided by the government. They can mishandle supplies and spend all their money on ‘chuggers’ and ad campaigns. I’m with Oscar Wilde in his The Soul of Man Under Socialism, in other words.


But a children’s hospice is one of the least politically charged things I could think to give to. I think of the carers who need caring for themselves. I think of toys given to younger siblings, books to older ones. Little comforts that make the difference. I think, I’d like to support that. Perhaps you’d like to as well?


Click here to see the rules and how to give.


For those who can afford to do so, why not think about matching your donation to this charity with a donation to a children’s hospice in your area?



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