The London writeup part two

Did you guess yesterday’s location?

This should clear things up:



I walked around the side of the buildings, peering up at Big Ben, wondering in what ways precisely the coalition government were destroying English and Welsh social safety nets today. Thank goodness for the Scottish Parliament, less…obviously beautiful (shall we say) as it is.











Round the side of the Houses of Parliament was a pleasant, half-empty park, with this Rodin sculpture of some Burghers, looking riduculously wrought.



In the park I sat and ate grapes, looking out over the Thames as a small boat appeared to be involved with a slow-motion chase with a police boat. Probably not, but it amused me for a while.



From there, I went to the Tate Gallery, and decided to splurge on a ticket to see the Turner Prize shortlist. I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of my favourite, ‘All Divided Selves’ by Luke Fowler – a full length documentary on the controversial and eccentric psychologist RD Laing. I sat rapt in the dark and watched the whole thing, barring the first few minutes I’d missed.


It was wonderful. Interspersed with images from nature, particularly the Scottish countryside, micro and macro, it focused mostly on footage of Laing’s interviews and methods. Everything very sixties and seventies, dark and grubby and smoke-grained and passionate with the new ideas which were trying to shake up the world (and would fail, for the most part, but were at heart compassionate, it seemed). I urge anyone who can make it to London to go just for that.


Elsewhere in the Tate I took some pictures of artworks that caught my attention, though I’m not keen on photographing paintings, for fear of accelerating the fading of their colours.





The gallery is being restored, and I came across this crate. It seemed a nice way to think about the concealed image – the meaning in the metaphor, the art that becomes richer for us not being able to see it with full clarity. We must fill in the shape left out:





And that’s that for now, because I have far more photos than I thought. Tune in for part three – getting lost in Camden, writing news, friends and night in the city.


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2 responses to “The London writeup part two

  1. Grapes by the river, yes. And the Tate. I saw the Bacon show there a few years back. Extraordinary. Can’t wait to hear your writing news.

  2. I’m enjoying this trip immensely.

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