The London Writeup Part One


I got on the Caledonian Sleeper train at Edinburgh Waverley at 11.20pm or so, briefly letting D on board to scout around, as he’d never been in a sleeper before. My roommate was an older woman, who spoke courteously but who I probably offended by my late reading habits – I was engrossed in NW, and also queasy from the juddering motion of the train.




After a fitful sleep, I arrived in London at 6:43, but we were permitted to stay an extra hour getting ready. Very welcome, because by 7:30ish, the rain had stopped and London was gleaming under a slowly lighting sky




I shambled to the Eustons station toilets to brush my teeth and survey the damage (nothing moisturiser and spray-on dry shampoo wouldn’t fix) and changed into my day clothes, which as it turned out were too warm. Autumn hadn’t really caught up to London: the trees were still very leafy and green, and it got up to 16c in the sun.






I had the morning to myself, and while I bought a day ticket for the subway, it was so pleasant that I decided to walk from the station down to the London Review Bookshop (closed because it was only 9 o’clock, but lovely looking from the outside) and from there down to a cafe on the Strand I’d heard had a good line in gluten free breakfast things.  Leon was a cheerful place to eat a cup of poached egg and melted gruyere (I know! But it was delicious) and sip tea and read more of NW, pacing myself for more wandering.




I walked down to Embankment, by the Thames, heading towards the Tate gallery, moving slowly through the light, listening to the playlist D had made up for me to listen to (I think I might make a separate post linking  it, later).






The Thames and the London Eye beyond


While ambling along, I suddenly came across…well, I’m saving that for Part Two. If you’re a Londoner, you already know, and you’re laughing my grasp on the geography of London. If you’ve not memorised every bit of that big sprawling city of Empire, I’ll just post a clue here, as I’m exhausted now.



The big reveal and more later, from what I saw at the Tate to getting lost in Camden and the real meat of why I went to London in the first place.

But all that when the world stops swaying as if I’m still on that sleeper, thundering through the night.



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4 responses to “The London Writeup Part One

  1. These pictures are a delight. I’m charmed especially by the sleeper train but I’m afraid I would also find it queasy-making.

    I’m so looking forward to the next set of photos.


    • It was indeed a bit ramshackle and loud – but far better than my usual choice of long haul, the megabus. More stories come out of travelling by bus, but a greater degree of dehydration and higher chance of disease too.

  2. Suspense! I want to know where this ramble led you, still like Averil I’m delighted by the journey. Who doesn’t love a London walk.

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