Dream logic


How does time pass in dreams? How has the month of September gone for you? Slow or fast. Some impossible mixture of sluggishly quick. In dreams you are mute – every voice you ever use only ever spoken in your head. Nothing you can do in dreams affects the world in any stable, lasting way. You can yell as loudly as you want and no one in the street is any the wiser. Are there any people out there? A gale blows leaves through the dream, scattering any traveler, bustling them out of sight. Pressing the leaves on a slicked black pavement as in a precious Victorian scrapbook. They say you cannot write or read in dreams, but I know this is not so. A single word, here or there, blurring as you look at it. A leaf, peeling at the corners, you suddenly know to lift and see the message in the skeleton veins, held up to a golden light. The colours are rich or not in dreams. Movements barely recorded. That’s September.


Or, rather, a little better on the writing front, though I have been fighting off a lingering illness, a cold that never burgeons. The second novel progresses, the world doesn’t turn in the old ways – the equinox hit, and now it’s so dark in the mornings it’s like walking to work still in the haar of a dream.


Where are you, October, I now ask. Plaintive for some day to be full awake to me, and I to it.



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9 responses to “Dream logic

  1. Jay

    People dream, but they forget.
    But what if a dream remains as a memory, that you can’t forget?

    Beautiful photo!!

  2. nzumel

    Beautifully written, as always. And I love the photo…

  3. That photo is gorgeous. Do you like the music of Julie Fowlis? I just discovered her. Her voice reminds me of you.

    • I shall have to look her up. Thank you. I’m always looking to add musicians to my playlist. Haruko is one of my favourites right now. Japanese-German folk singer.

  4. Gosh, I feel filled-up when I come here, Helen!

  5. Your words, Helen….

  6. La Langueur de nos Rêves , Porte au Loin nos souvenirs ,
    Septembre reste un Plaisir , Aux Amis de la Sève ,
    L’Automne Annonce la Trêve , A nous à l’Hors d’Ecrire ,
    Les Mots dans un Soupir , Déjà l’Eté s’Achève .
    Joli Reflet 😉

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