Monday Linkage

Monday! September! Perhaps you are waking up blurry and vampire for coffee. Perhaps it’s the afternoon where you are, but you’d rather be reading. I have some links you might like, at any rate a small break from whatever you’re doing, or not:


12 of the most beautiful literary journals online (PANK is here! But many others which I was only tangentially aware). Paper Darts and Metazen look fabulous, I think.


An analysis of colour and whiteness in The Great Gatsby by Jo Dingley of Canongate Books (and the start of her new blog, Not Writing My Novel – which I shall be reading with interest)


This incredible long poem by Anne Carson, on Emily Bronte, a mother-daughter relationship, a moorland, a broken heart and many other things besides, entitled  ‘The Glass Essay


An interview with the translator of Clarice Lispector’s A Breath of Life, which I must, must read (as is the case with all Clarice Lispector’s novels)


And lastly, something light on Tin House’s blog ‘5 1/2 writers under 11‘.

A sample:


Andrea Wexler (Age 0): Andrea Wexler may only be an infant, but the literary community is already abuzz with this wunderkind’s ability to place lettered blocks in her mouth with a dexterity that The New York Times has called, “breathtaking.” Conceived at Yaddo, Wexler was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship as an embryo and later went on to receive a MacArthur Fetus Grant. She is presently a lecturer in residence at Columbia University, where students and faculty are all anxiously awaiting her first word.”


Any gems you’ve discovered? Please share!


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