Autumn Endless Reads


I look outside and cannot understand why the leaves have not already turned.  I’ve set my mind on Autumn and now I’m impatient for the season to make a clear announcement of its arrival. It’s already cold and damp now, the hours are drawing in (sunset before 9pm, now, a sure sign of the year heading towards late middle age), the festival is winding down, and Winter coats are coming out. Come on, decay, we’re ready for you.


In the mood for this chill turn, I begin planning autumnal reads. Not that I stopped reading over the Summer, but I think it’s good every season to pause for a moment to see what’s on the cards. Up for September:




NW, of course. Maidenhead I received today from Canadian publisher Coach House. Lots of people on twitter recommended this book to me after I decried my embarrassing lack of Can Lit reading. Coach House very generously sent it my way. The package brought with it an interview with the author, Tamara Faith Berger, and an insight into the themes of the novel – sexual and political awakening, feminism, slavery, art and pornography. That’s a promotional condom that was included with the book. I’ve just finished The Listeners by Leni Zumas which was, while well written, full of imagery of injury and blood (of which I am very phobic) so Maidenhead, while likely to be graphic and very challenging, is less likely to make me nearly faint every few pages.


The other book is one I’ve had for a while and have yet to get to – Now Trends, a collection of stories by Karl Taro Greenfield. The cover design and portability is meant to imitate a travel guide, and the stories themselves range across the world. Armchair travel for a dreichit time of the year.


I hope to review the latter three books on PANK in due course, and NW some time later here.


What do you have lined up to see you through the warm weather’s disappearance? That’s if it’s ever Autumnal in your part of the world.



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3 responses to “Autumn Endless Reads

  1. I loved Zadie’s book White Teeth so I will look for NW. I’ll look forward to your review, also!
    (I am a huge fan of Can Lit.)

  2. I just finished The Summer Book (Tove Janssen, your recommend) and loved it. You’re two for two, Green Girl being the first. Right now I’m finishing The Sea, The Sea (Murdoch). I adore what she is able to do with first person POV and it makes me want to dive into a new endeavor with the energy/drive of the first person narrator. I’m uncertain what’s next, but as soon as I get my hands on Zadie Smith’s book, that goes to the front of the list. Love her.

    • I’m so glad you liked The Summer Book and Green Girl! It’s sometimes tough to recommend books when taste differs so much, but both books are just that good. The Sea, The Sea is fascinating, isn’t it? I love her voice and want to read more of her eventually.

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