Literary Magazine Ideas


A literary magazine with pieces written by planes in the sky. Each city gets a flash fiction/poem. First country up: Syria.


A literary magazine concerned with the music of the spheres and the painstaking reconstruction of the anatomy of cryptozoological creatures.


A literary magazine printed on the backs of manatees, for circulation around the wetlands of West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.


A literary magazine featuring stories by cats. That is, stories created by cats walking across keyboards (or their muddy pawprints on paper). Large audience/subs anticipated. Quality control must be rigorous.


A literary magazine made of sand.


A literary magazine about gender, written on things that, in German, are described in the neutral (rather than as male or female). Excepted: ‘girl’ (das mädchen), which is a neutral noun. Let’s not scribble on girls more than we do already.


A literary magazine written in ichor.


A literary magazine written by dead people (contacted through a medium). Dead people have great senses of humour.


A literary magazine that cries in pain when you turn the pages.


A literary magazine illicitly distributed in the rare books section of certain libraries (TBA) and made of old papyrus stolen from the British Museum. Handling with gloves recommended.


A literary magazine containing only shadows, sown on. A literary magazine written by flying children/pagan gods.


A literary magazine that is louder than a war.


A literary magazine made of coffee fumes.


A literary magazine that explains you to yourself, Library of Babel style, useful for OK Cupid profiles, etc.



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7 responses to “Literary Magazine Ideas

  1. nzumel

    Love it.

  2. A poetry magazine written by the wind rustling through tall grass, called Midas’ Ears, of course.

  3. Oh, some of these so tantalizing! You evoke such fantastic images with these ideas.

  4. So funny. All I need is a cat!

  5. Oh my god, I love this. I’ve already got my cats working on their first submissions. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  6. Thank you everyone – I’ve been busy at work but your comments through the week cheered me greatly. Cat mag clearly needs to happen.

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