Figures in the landscape


Back to the gloaming, which has been so elusive this summer, and up Salisbury Crags.





Up to join the other dusk-time photographers there, trying to capture the city as the city – a whole spread out, something which can be made to fit on a postcard or print.







I suppose this last picture counts towards the challenge of the title. Just that the figures are all unseen, crawling their way through the streets, lurking down closes or muttering something in every pub, some dull and wonderful dialogue with their day.




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3 responses to “Figures in the landscape

  1. Lovely, moody and soft. And those sunsets. . . .

    Did you go out specifically to photograph, Helen, or did you just happen upon these scenes?

    • Well, I hoped it would look good, but we climbed the crags because we’d never done it, and seeing them daily from our kitchen window, it seemed a crime not to.

  2. Love the figures in the landscape, and of course, your writing!

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