Thresholds Project take two


Today, as I thought of the constant rain and the humidity sleeking the leaves outside, and of my safeness and shelter inside, I started thinking of the Thresholds Project from a while ago. It came to nothing, as D and I were forced to move house suddenly, and a few other things went agley.

I wondered now, if I shouldn’t try a less ambitious version. Maybe print, instead of video? To those who agreed to submit before I flaked out – would you like to submit now? I know I’ve been thinking of what might have been, what you might have chosen to send.

To new writers and poets of differing stripes – would you like to be involved? Check the link for more details.


I’d love to throw a real, IRL really real reading, but since most of the writerly people I admire are states-or-Canada-side or elsewhere home and abroad, and I am in Edinburgh, it would not be a satisfying event. It would probably be me in a pub drinking a nice whisky or two, reading your poems/flashes/pieces quietly but enthusiastically to myself.

BUT ANYWAY. Submit to wheresthebread[@] Ask any questions here in the comments or to that address. And thank you for your patience with me.


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10 responses to “Thresholds Project take two

  1. This sounds so fun. I wish I weren’t buried under kids right now or I’d rise to the occasion. I look forward to seeing how it comes together!

  2. nzumel

    ” It would probably be me in a pub drinking a nice whisky or two, reading your poems/flashes/pieces quietly but enthusiastically to myself.”

    Perhaps not the most satisfying event, but it’s a hilarious mental picture.
    In my mind you are declaiming the texts passionately — but quietly — to your shot glass. And maybe the whisky bottle.

    • D would probably be there too, to keep me company, but otherwise this sounds like something I would greatly enjoy doing. Whisky likes to be read to.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I’ve been away so long from reading my favorite blogs. I’m glad I’m making my comeback now. How can we make this be more than whisky drinking alone?

    • Not sure, but the more contributions the merrier, If you fancy flying over for a visit, the Edinburgh Literary Festival is starting soon too…

      • Just checked the dates for the festival. Unfortunately, I can’t make it but I will be on the continent for a undetermined amount of months starting in August.

      • That’s a shame, although I think there should be a fringe for the book fest, as there is a fringe for the main fest in terms of comedy+music. A fringe were the experimental and exciting stuff could take the stage.

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