Gratuitous Pictures of Yourself


Or, as Kate Zambreno points out in a more connective way than this wee thought shall be, always gratuitous pretty pictures of yourself. That aspirational quality of photographic perfectionism, use of just the right filter that conveys your life as a continuous (static) upbeat state. You don’t need to be entirely in the pictures, I think, to be portraying this image of lifestyle, like so:



It’s a form of asserting yourself, your way of living, as an aesthetic image. Aesthetics of your invention or which conform to various popular designs. Hazy, pastel, vintage, gritty, distorted, kawaii. Mostly it’s teenagers or introverted sorts, taking control and sharing a self-created icon of their best selves. Is it art, or a form of self promotion, or collectivism (given that these images are shared as a form of prettiness currency on Tumblr and so on), or what is it?


I’m not really here to dissect, but to wonder. And of course, to participate.


That and read books, visit various libraries, make macarons and balance them on my leg.



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3 responses to “GPOY

  1. Identity snaps are unavoidable. There is no “outside” only inside. There is nothing but who we are.

  2. Oh, please do send macaroons this way! 🙂

    Maybe it’s a snapshot of what you love. The wonderful things that fill your head or, the way you want the world to look, smell, taste, feel…
    all your senses combined into an image…

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