Fur Luck


This is Lego, a leucitic reindeer living in the hill enclosure at the reindeer centre we visited. Leucitic is not albinism, not the absence of melanin but any pigment at all. There is a delicacy to Lego that is surface only – his pink antlers, his translucent hooves, though he is in robust health, friendly and hungry for the food we offered.


Why for luck (or ‘fur luck’ – in a dialectical form)? Because white deer are lucky, harbingers of good, rare things. Because Kilea is leucitic, something she shares with the character she is modelled after, Chariklea from The Aethiopika. It is a curse and a blessing to be  unique. It gives her a particular worth in the eyes of collectors, suitors, and a divorce from her people, her origins wiped from her skin, so she appears blank.


And now Kilea is out wandering, not out in the world yet, but in among the trees, a haunting presence for me while I work on the next book, with a new girl needing to be realised.


Writing and dreaming. Looking for symbols of fortune when I should be looking to those of endurance. A mixture of these. More pictures and stories, at any rate, to follow.


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8 responses to “Fur Luck

  1. My girls are wanderers too, rambling into consciousness.

  2. Tonight when I go to sleep, I’ll be counting white reindeer.

  3. fivereflections

    Helen, happy July

    I hope this finds you well
    David in Maine USA

  4. So beautiful, Helen. I’ll be with Averil above, counting the white reindeer instead of sheep tonight.

    You wander in magical places, my dear. Love it.

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