Here is the youth hostel at Loch Lomond, seen in the day right before we left. One of those places that’s hard to photograph inside, all tall ceilings and dark, paneled wood hiding secret rooms (at least, in my imagination), High stained glass windows and paintings that glow in the dimness, their subjects women with eyes that follow you, enigmatic smiles.


Today I am a little uneasy, there has been an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease across Edinburgh, and no one knows the scale of it – incubation is from 2-14 days. It’s caused by a waterborne bacteria, and the authorities have not found the precise source. In a few days, we will see more people fall.


So I look out for gentle images, as I normally do. Hoping for the best for all, and trying to keep my mind from abject things and towards the greenery and fresh air we had at the weekend.








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4 responses to “Grounds

  1. Deb

    Stay safe, Helen. I just read on the website that most cases can be successfully treated with antibiotics if someone is diagnosed. Hope that helps your piece of mind.

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