Thresholds: an online lit reading

Boundaries, thresholds, doorways. Space, hybrids, dichotomies, taboos. The girl, the woman. The wilderness, the city. I’ve been interested for a long time in these points of tangent and overlap and crossing which appear in literature. Now I’ve had the idea to host an literary reading along these themes.


This is a call for entries.


This is an address to you, for your writing to be broadcast online some time around the end of June. All you need to join in is a webcam and writing that you feel fits this broad theme.


How it will work – my friend A has video editing skills, and has agreed to help me put together our show. What I’d like is to have enough entries to select about 40-60 minutes of readings. I’ll then broadcast the show on either Livestream or Youtube at a time when hopefully most people in the West at least will be able to watch it live. This date will be announced nearer the time. I already have one writer down, and I’m very excited to see others join. This will hopefully be just as well-viewed (and as good as) an evening of fiction/poetry in person. There may be a chat function, there most certainly will be a video put up afterwards. Of course, no free wine- BYOB, or whatever you’d like. And snacks.


Interested in submitting? I think the best way to submit would be to upload a short  (5 minutes max) recording of a reading of your work to Youtube – you can make this private (i.e., don’t upload to the general stream – here’s how to do that, if unsure) and send me a private link. My address is: wheresthebread[at] If you have any queries leave a comment below or email me.


If you’d like to submit something in another language, please feel free to do so – providing a transcript in English (so we can sub). I think it would be nice if in the reading you presented it as if giving a reading in person – however you feel that applies to you.


The deadline for submissions is the 24th of June. I can’t wait to start seeing what you come up with.



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9 responses to “Thresholds: an online lit reading

  1. What a fabulous idea! I can’t wait to see the results.

    • I’m trying to think of a way you could get involved. Perhaps wearing a mask? With a voice recording of your work as read by someone else playing while you pose?

      • I love it! A Groucho mustache!

        On second thought, I dunno. My work is so filthy, there’s really no place for it in a compilation like this. Consider me an appreciative audience member this time around.

    • Honestly, Averil, if your work is as good as I’ll bet it is, the content really isn’t problematic, if you are up for presenting somehow. And I’d imagine you have some excellent noir sections which won’t necessarily have everyone clutching their pearls in shock.

  2. Look forward to the discovery of this.

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