Artificial Summer


Inspired by the palate of Moonrise Kingdom, a lovely-to-look-at film which falls apart in the last third and neglects its wonderful teenage leads (but this is beside the point here), I’ve been experimenting with sunny, hyper-saturated images. And have made a playlist of very poppy tunes to listen to whilst cooking, or doing something productive (or unproductive but active) out of doors.



Here’s the link – Schietree’s BopPop Mixtape, May 2k12. There’s some way to embed it but I can’t quite figure out plugins on WordPress. Never mind – if you’d like to listen to upbeat pop, electro, spoken word and funky stuff, there are 13 songs waiting just for you. If you have any add-ins you’d like to suggest, please do!



I’m off now to enjoy the lovely sunshine – or am I? This is the internet, and perhaps it isn’t as sunny as the image suggests. Perhaps you’re reading this a day after I’ve gone out, a week. There is neither time nor weather on the internet, there is only the image (moving or still) the word, and the tune.


Filed under 2012, art, Edinburgh

2 responses to “Artificial Summer

  1. I love your playlist. Listened to it the entire time I was editing my blog post yesterday. You rock.

  2. You are always a feast for my eyes and ears and mind.

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