Book Spine Poems

Over on The Millions Tumblr, they have been posting some lovely poems made up from the titles of books arranged in sequence. Such a wonderful idea that I couldn’t resist joining in. This despite the fact I own only about 20 books (though some more are in storage at my parents) and D’s book collection is mostly limited to legal textbooks and theory (one of which I did manage to incorporate). Here’s my effort:


Green girl,


Stop what you’re doing and read this,


True things about me,


Who was changed and who was dead,


Remembrance of things past –


The final problem,


No easy fix,


The sense of an ending.



Who’s up for joining in, either on their blog or sending one over here? If you’d like me to post yours here, send me a photo and the poem to wheresthebread[at]


Can’t wait to see more, either in my inbox or across the web.




A book spine poem from Chris J. Rice:


The Art of Subtext Beyond Plot
Becket the Three Novels
Home to Roost
A History of Women
Soulstorm: Stories
And have a look at this gem by Tiffany Gibert.


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11 responses to “Book Spine Poems

  1. nzumel

    What a splendid idea! I have to play, when I get a chance…

  2. All my books are still in boxes following our move last December.

    But I did a flash fiction one last year, here:

  3. Wah. I want to play but all my books are homeless now, boxed up where I can’t get them. “Green girl” are so good together I might have to read it.

  4. Thanks for the idea Helen–I haven’t followed ‘millions’ but I follow you. Mine’s up!

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