The lure of damaged places

Down in Comely Bank, another part of Edinburgh, I added another couple of photos to my growing collection of shots of abandoned buildings.

I have been thinking now of how the eye is drawn to the wreck, the boarded up window, the collapsed roof, the weeds sprouting from the windowsill.  So, a post, drawing a few of them together in my mind. some you may recognise if you’ve been following this blog a while –

Romantic Shack, Catalonia.


Ruined store (?), Ocate, New Mexico


Dead Restaurant, Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico


A window in Golden, New Mexico


Abandoned house on private property, Espanola, New Mexico


Empty house, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh


Condemned clubhouse, Dunbar


Pub, Comely Bank


This last one, along with the building in Bruntsfield, is not lost entirely. There was a sign in the front saying work would be done. At some point.

But how long is time, in a building without people?



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9 responses to “The lure of damaged places

  1. Love photos of abandoned places. Yours stretch quite a way around the globe. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. How long is time in a building without people? Now there’s an opening line.

  3. I’m absolutely addicted to half-broken buildings – I could stand and watch them for hours. Storymaking or just admiring the decay. These are beautiful photos.

    • Thank you – it’s always quite an adventure, even just trying to get close to these places. I know what you mean about storymaking – they are such rich sources.

  4. “…in a building without people.” I love the ruins and wrecks, as well…and admire your choice of words…again. Thank you, Helen.

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