Endless Reads Review at PANK: Inferno (A Poet’s Novel) by Eileen Myles

My new writing garret: Queen Mary's Bathhouse, where Mary, Queen of Scots was said to bathe in sweet white wine to keep her young (more likely a summer house for the Scottish royals)

My next review is up on PANK. This is all very new and exciting still:


Imagine you come into a room all wooden and light, say it’s a bar, or an old converted church. You’ve come in out of the NYC street (LES or East or West Village) into this space; there’s Eileen Myles, sitting at the head of the great oak table. She’s reading from her book to a crowd you cannot see, but know are there. Only, she isn’t just reading; she’s pulling a thread, a thick gleaming wet copper strand of the parallel New York you have never seen and never will. She’s pulling this from out of her solar plexus, her navel, her heart, her –


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8 responses to “Endless Reads Review at PANK: Inferno (A Poet’s Novel) by Eileen Myles

  1. Growing up I was obsessed with Mary Queen of Scots. Her cousin was so mean to her . And yet.

    • So much to be obsessed about. She likely blew up her second husband. When they executed her, she went out in style, with a deep black coat thrown off to reveal a blood red, dress, the colour of martyrdom.

  2. I’m going to try that white wine thing.

    • Me too, Except I might drink a little of it instead. A glass or two, to feel young.

      • I’ve heard rumor about a wine enema. It doesn’t seem like something I’d try or recommend though. Then again one does wonder.

        I’m sure there are videos out there for the curious… but I’ll probably steer clear of those too.

  3. Helen,
    That was the most lyrical review I’ve ever read. Really, truly well done. The way you wrote about Myles reminded me of the poetry in The Green Girl, the writing itself being as much the review as the review. Lovely.

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