Love Letter 4 – Spring

New Town doorway: Georgian architecture, tropical flair.

On the weekend D and I went for another walk through City the New Town down almost all the way to where the the Water of Leith (which we visited back in the winter, as it flows through the Dean Village) opens out into the Firth of Forth. Here are just a few pictures from the first part of the journey, where flowers were rampant. A bit of calm, after yesterday’s madness.

The same doorway - tulips nearly overblown, but still beautiful


A profusion of soft pink cherry blossom, also striking out for colour.


The days that seemed as if they would never come in the midst of the dank cobble, the white-sky, ice-blue sky winters, are finally here. An excess of budding, of life returning, though the air is still sweet and cold even in the sunshine.

Along the Water of Leith walkway, we came across a set of stairs leading up beyond this sign for something called 'Steadfastgate'


And this was Steadfastgate, a row of houses and this tiny square, white blossoms this time.


Steadfastgate may hold the title for most blossoms in a single neighbourhood


Even as I hope for time to pass, for news on my first book, for progress in my second, there is this: nature, slowly and in spurts, vividly following the cycle of the year. Daylight stretches out – dark now only after a long gloaming, past eight thirty pm – I will wait. I will pay attention.


Hope is easier in Spring.



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11 responses to “Love Letter 4 – Spring

  1. Steadfastgate–your post is a blessing to this La woman. Hummingbirds here but no cherry blooms.

  2. great. I’ve got a pic of that same cherry tree from a different angle, India St or nearby?

  3. I have a pink dogwood tree in my front yard putting on a huge, happy show and every time I walk in or out, it’s a beautiful relief.

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  7. Dara

    Hi there,

    Just wondering where you took the shot with the railing + cherry blossom hanging over it.



    • Well, I took the picture 3 years ago, so the memory is a bit fuzzy, to be honest! It’s somewhere down in the New Town, Near Comely Bank, I think?

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