World Book Night – collecting the haul

A little while ago, I posted that I’d been selected as a giver for World Book Night. Today I picked up the 24 copies of I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith that I’ll be handing out on Monday.

First of all I want to say – ouch, my arms! I carried the box they came in from the Central Library all the way to my flat – only about 10 minutes walk, but ouff. Next time I’ll try to recruit some help from D. 24 books are heavy of course – but the box was awkward too. Long and shallow, slippery at the corners. Still, I made it, and this pile artfully arrange on the floor represents half of the books ‘done’. That is, signed with my name – my legal name, in my wobbly, arm-achey handwriting –  the location of pick up, and a unique ID number so that recipients can register their book online, if they like, for later tracking. The hope is that the books will drift between hands, being read and passed on with recommendations to read this, it’s good. Eyes will be opened. People will realise the pleasure of reading, just by being gifted a book of their own. It’s a lovely thing to be a part of.

Now, come Monday the 23rd, I hope for dry weather, and to not be mistaken for a ‘chugger’ (charity mugger, one of those people who harass you in the street for money, while being paid a lot by third-party organisers, so that the original charity doesn’t see the full donation). If anyone is in the neighbourhood of North and South Bridge around 5pm-8ish (however long it takes!) please stop by and say hello – though if you are a reader already, you’ll probably not get a book from me. If you love words already, the magic will not work! However, if you know someone who is a reluctant reader, someone who hasn’t read since school, bring them along and I’ll gladly hand them a copy.



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17 responses to “World Book Night – collecting the haul

  1. During “City Reads” my local library does something similar by giving the chosen book for free. But this targeting of non-readers for the gift is genius.

  2. I did this last year Helen and gave away copies of The World’s Wife at a shopping mall. An interesting experience! Look forward to hearing how your’s goes – I got 41 books, have they cut back?

  3. Wish I wasn’t accross the ocean, I haven’t read that book yet!
    it’s on my reading list.
    Enjoy Book Day, Helen!

  4. What fun– and how exciting! Congrats and I wish I could go. (How does it feel to see your real name in real print on a real book?) (Please tell us how it went.)

  5. Girl in the hat – I meant about my name in the book! I feel like I’m back in school, writing ‘property of Helen’ in the inside cover. Or I’m pretending to be the author signing the book!

  6. Good luck, will enjoy reading the debrief. A sign sounds like a very good idea.

  7. Bernie

    Hi there, Whilst in Edinbury with my boyfriend, he was given a copy of I captured the castle on our way to edinburgh castle which in turn he gave to me, but unfortunately it was left it in edinburgh airport on the way back to Dublin… I loved this book even though i was only 50 or so pages through it…I loved the inscription on the inside how it was obtained and who collected it from Piershill Library, edinburgh, is there anyway I could obtain another copy to purchase of course with the same inscriptions etc…I know I can buy this from books shops aroundthe country, but because edinburgh hold special memories and because it was given to me by my boyfriend who has since gone back to the USA, I would dearly love to obtain another copy..

    • Unfortunately, I’ve given away all my copies of I Capture The Castle, so I can’t give you one with an inscription on it (I collected my copies from Central Library).

      The World Book Night free copies are of a very limited run. Every giver gets only 24 copies of the book, thus there are only 24 copies (possibly more if there are other givers) in existence of I Capture The Castle with that same inscription as your boyfriend’s copy.

      Perhaps if you emailed someone there might be able to help you if you tell them your story?

      Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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