Love Letter 3

I normally post pictures of the older parts of Edinburgh – since where I live, in the Old Town, is dominated by cobbled streets and the damp dark undersides of bridges…but that’s only one side of the story. Modern buildings (mid 2oth century and older) stand often shoulder to shoulder with the historic city and the ancient volcanic landscape.

Council housing near Holyrood Park - Salisbury Crags in the background.


The other side of the street, and an old VW camper van


Graffiti in Potterow, near Edinburgh University


From the Poetry Library towards another view of the Crags


Very blue hotel, tucked into a street close by the Parliament


More council housing - right next to the Palace of Holyrood House (have a search for that if you like for comparison)


Flats just off the Royal Mile, facing a very nice courtyard

Some of these places I’d never seen in all my time in this city. It’s a place that requires wandering, diversion, tangential walks to more fully discover. I must keep trying, rambling the periphery, taking a measure of things.


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9 responses to “Love Letter 3

  1. Oh, how much more we would discover if we would wander more…take more tangential walks, ramble the periphery…and intentionally take more measure of things. Thank you, Helen. 🙂

  2. I love places that require wandering to be truly discovered.
    And I want that VW van. Just the image invokes the sound they make. I should be driving such a beauty.

  3. Mid-20th century is the oldest part of my town. And I too want the camper van. It looks like a toy with the tilt/shift perspective.

  4. joplingirl

    I want to live in that camper van, if only for a year.

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