The Now at the 24 Project

I have a flash fiction up at The 24 Project – a pop up online arts journal which only accepted submissions for 24 hours, and will only be displaying the pieces online for seven days. I thought ‘The Now’ was a good fit – seeing as that phrase means something like ‘this moment’ or ‘right now’ in English. It’s on memory and on how the internet cannot replicate the fleetingness of immediate experience. It was also published under a pseudonym in The Kelvingrove Review (as it shows in the link)

Here’s an excerpt:


When driving over the haughs of Fife there is that point when you pass the oat mill just outside of Cupar and the air billows with the smell of cooking porridge. The name of the town might remind you of bent copper coins, gold foil, fat leather purses, or you might have forgotten it after passing and now your head is full of the rapeseed fields and the striated sky overhead – light blue to dark to the clouds that have grown so heavy that they have sunk like river-carried silt to the level of the treeline. 



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5 responses to “The Now at the 24 Project

  1. Gorgeous, Helen. In the last few years, I’m becoming more and more a fan of flash fiction. I was right there with you in this piece — the story moving by as fast as the scenery, and me wanting to say wait wait wait!

    • Thank you, Teri. I’ve come to be more a fan of flash fiction than short – just because I love characters, and often get a little disappointed when they leave so quickly. But with flash, when it’s done right, it’s this tiny capsule, like a little firework.

  2. Lovely. You have such a talent for describing scenery. Your prose reminds me of Rosamunde Pilcher, one of my favorite writers.

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